Transforming Worship resources

In this section we aim to provide a selection resources to use and inform.

NEW! A training course for Lay Worship Leaders by Helen Bent

Three videos are now on the Transforming Worship YouTube Channel for those who are embarking on planning and leading worship for the first time, as well as for those who feel that they need to achieve a firmer grasp of this vital role.

Here are downloadable links to resources from these three sessions

TW A Simple Guide to Planning and Leading Worship - Introduction
TW A Simple Guide to Planning and Leading Worship - Facilitating a small group
TW A Simple Guide to Planning and Leading Worship - Session 1 Additional Handout
TW A Simple Guide to Planning and Leading Worship - Session 1 Questions for Reflection
TW A Simple Guide to Planning and Leading Worship - Session 1 Slide Handout
TW A Simple Guide to Planning and Leading Worship - Session 2 Additional Handout
TW A Simple Guide to Planning and Leading Worship - Session 2 Questions for Reflection
TW A Simple Guide to Planning and Leading Worship - Session 2 Slide Handout
TW A Simple Guide to Planning and Leading Worship - Session 3 Additional Handout
TW A Simple Guide to Planning and Leading Worship - Session 3 Questions for Reflection
TW A Simple Guide to Planning and Leading Worship - Session 3 Sample Service
TW A Simple Guide to Planning and Leading Worship - Session 3 Slide Handout
TW A Simple Guide to Planning and Leading Worship - Session 3 Worship Leader Review Sheet
TW A Simple Guide to Planning and Leading Worship - Further Reading

The Coronation of King Charles III

Mirfield Liturgical Institute Facebook logo

Post-Graduate Diploma and MA pathways in Worship & Liturgical Studies (University of Durham, Common Awards).

If you want to improve your skills and understanding of worship and liturgy this is an exciting new programme leading to a post-graduate qualification which is tailored to practise and theology, answering the questions worship poses today, is for you.

Drawing on an international and ecumenical team of specialists, we will enable you to understand Christian liturgy and provide you with the skills to develop it in your church community.

This will be wholly distance learning, mostly on-line, but with an optional summer-school based in Mirfield, home of the Mirfield Liturgical Institute, an integral part of The College of the Resurrection.  We have a long tradition of teaching liturgy dating back to the 1890s; we have the largest liturgical library in England and many other resources for teaching liturgy and worship including striking liturgical spaces.

For further information, please contact:

Jo Kershaw photo

The Revd Dr Jo Kershaw (Course Director)
College of The Resurrection
Stocks Bank Road
WF14 0BW

Tel: (+44) (0)1924 481910



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Live Streamed Services from Mirfield

Join the Brothers of the Community of the Resurrection currently resident at Mirfield for their round of monastic prayer.


Resources from the Praxis South event "Liturgy for celebrations: being creative with diverse resources!"

From Helen Bent From Rebecca Swansbury

Resources from the Praxis South event "Daily Prayer: An Ancient Tradition for Modern Times?"

From The Very Rev'd Dr Robert Willis

From the Reverend Dr Jeremy Law

From James Newhook of the Church House Publishing Digital Team

Resources from the Praxis South event "Lamenting the past, embracing the future"

Tim Coleman's Propers for Eucharist as Lockdown Eases

Bryony Taylor's PowerPoint slides, including video

Salisbury Cathedral's Prayer Stations

Loss and Hope website

Support website of Southwark Diocese

Praying on a day of reflection

Christ yesterday and today,
the beginning and the end,
Alpha and Omega,
all time belongs to him, and all ages.
From the Easter Vigil, Common Worship

God of all that has been, that is, that is to come
as we reflect on the year that has past,
those we have lost,
those we have missed,
the contact not made,
the hopes dashed,
new things discovered,
new opportunities seized,
new love embraced,
we thank you that you have been with us
and brought us to this day.
Stay with us
as we step into your future
with faith and hope and love
and in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayers from the Liturgical Commission for times of Remembering

Although these prayers were written for particular occasions, they can easily be adapted for other situations.


Prayer for Hiroshima

commemorating the dropping of the first atomic bomb on the 6 August, 1945
(Feast of the Transfiguration)

God, you are the Father of all the families of the earth,
and call the nations to live in peace and unity.
We remember with sorrow the devastating destruction and death
unleashed on this day upon the city of Hiroshima, and later upon the city of Nagasaki.
We pray for the people of Japan, and all whose lives are disfigured by war.

We pray for ourselves, the often unwise stewards of the powers of the universe.
Transfigure the lives and cities scarred by conflict by the revealing of your glory
and move us by your uncreated energies to advance your sovereign purpose of peace.
This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our light and our salvation.


A Prayer for VJ Day

God our Father, in the dying and rising of your Son Jesus Christ,
you have brought life and salvation out of cruelty and death.
We mark Victory in Japan in gratitude for the courage of the Allied forces
who suffered for freedom in the Far East campaign
and in sorrow for all that hinders the coming of your kingdom of peace.
Give us wisdom to learn from the bitter memories of war, and hearts that long for the unity of all nations.
We ask all this in the name of Jesus, in whom there is no east or west, no north or south,
but one fellowship of love across the whole earth.


A Prayer for Peace and Reconciliation

Heavenly Father,
you have called us in the Body of your Son Jesus Christ
to continue his work of reconciliation and reveal you to the world.
Forgive us the sins which tear us apart; give us the courage to overcome our fears
and to seek that unity which is your gift and your will;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Liturgical use of projectors and screens

An article by Edward Green from Issue 61 (spring 2019) of Praxis News of Worship. Illustrations of his PowerPoint slides can be downloaded from this link.

An increasing number of churches are embracing the use of screen technology for liturgical worship. In the past such technology was principally used for the display of song words in periods of contemporary sung worship. The needs of a gathering rooted in words, response and movement can be quite different. The placement of screens is the first consideration. They need to be located in a way that does not block the visual focus of the worship space. Equally they need to be of a size and number so as to be clearly seen by all members of the congregation, including those leading the service (musicians and sacred ministers), and flexible enough to enable liturgical movement (for gathering around the font or facing west for the dismissal.) Much of the software used to drive screens in worship is ill-suited for the presentation of liturgy. PowerPoint however can produce clear ‘pages’ that reflect the textual layout that congregations are accustomed too. Text should be on a dark background (blue or black), and congregational responses in yellow. Transitions and animations should be used sparingly. Use of images, loops and video can be powerful but should never compete with the text: it is better to have images and text side-by-side. A free-to-use template is available at Well-formatted PowerPoint slides will take into account readability of text at the furthest points from the screen, and with suitable printer settings can form booklets for those who find screens difficult to look at. The legacy of the Prayer Book is to present the whole liturgy to the people, so sacred ministers do not need a separate altar book. Smooth control of the liturgy is vital. A good quality laptop with an SSD, i5 CPU and 16gb of RAM is a minimum. The laptop is best situated close to the altar party, with a server given the role of changing slides. This individual needs to have good liturgical sense: the flow of worship can be harmed by the task being undertaken badly. As always things can go wrong, but the intention should be to do things well. At All Saints we have found that the use of screens enables engagement from the congregation, especially for people who are not used to church. A screen over the font has transformed baptism services, and the screens are requested for the majority of weddings and funerals.
Edward Green is Vicar of All Saints, Leavesden.

Common Worship

A range of books in the Using Common Worship series - such as Using Common Worship: Funerals, is available from Church House Publishing. These are written by members of Praxis and members of the Liturgical Commission.


Key results from the research for the Funerals project - from Sandra Millar

Planning a funeral service with care and support - a leaflet produced by the Guildford Diocese

A parish priest's PowerPoint presentation from Stuart Thomas, on which he based his abbreviated talk.

Commemorating the First World War

This section contains a selection of resources to use between 2014 and 2018, for commemorations of both local and national significance.

Material from the Reverend Canon Guy Wilkinson on interfaith aspects of liturgical commemorations

House of Bishops guidance from 1992 on Multi-Faith worship

Southwark Diocese guidelines on civic services for people of different faiths

The Very Reverend June Osborne's notes on the national consultation
June is the (now former) Dean of Salisbury Cathedral

Dr. Simon Robbin's notes on historical overview
Simon is Senior Archivist at the Imperial War Museum

The Reverend Jeremy Fletcher's liturgical aspects
Jeremy is vicar of Beverley Minster

Dr. Michael Snape's talk "The_Church_at_the_Front" to the Praxis/Guildford Diocese event. This lecture was also given to the Friends of Lambeth Palace Library. It will also be printed in spring 2015 as part of the Library's annual review. We are grateful for permission from Dr. Snape and the Library to reproduce it here

Gilly Myers' booklist
Gilly is Precentor at Southwark Cathedral

History booklist

WW1 poetry list

A copy of Lieutenant-Colonel William Dobbie's signal for the cessation of hostilities at 1100 on 11th November 1918 and a transcript for clarity with addendum.

WW1 material suitable for use with All Ages

A Prayer of Remembrance
This resource was devised by Ruth Pyke, Children’s Work Adviser for the Diocese of St Albans

War Memorial projects
This resource was mainly devised by Charles Mathiesen, with the last part by Ruth Pyke

Candle activity.

A jigsaw reflective activity

These two projects were devised by the Rev’d Ally Barrett, formerly Vicar of Buckden and the Offords, Cambridgeshire

Commemoration and empathy using children’s fiction that draws upon the First World War - ideas and further resources
Gill Ambrose, former Editor of ROOTS Adult & All Age

Resources from "All Good Gifts"

Here are some downloadable items from the All Good Gifts - Integrating Worship, Faith and the Environment event

Resources from "Liturgy at home and in hospital"

Hilary Fife has provided us with a copy of her talk to download and also a list of resources suggested at her workshops

Resources from "Worshipping where people are"

John Leach has provided us with PDFs of his PowerPoint slides from his talk and from his workshop

Steve Summers has sent us his talk as well as his Eucharist placemant

Resources from "Bless your enemies"

Bishop Brian has kindly made available to us the PowerPoint slides from his talk (you'll need Microsoft PowerPoint.

Resources from All Age Worship

Material from the "All Age Worship in the Anglican Tradition" Praxis South day on 19th June 2014

Mary Hawes - Worship Wardrobe, a PowerPoint presentation (you'll need Microsoft PowerPoint or a viewer).

Margaret Pritchard Houston - All Age Worship at Festivals, a PowerPoint presentation (you'll need Microsoft PowerPoint or a viewer).

Useful books and websites


Michael Perham's talks from the Inspiration Conference are downloadable here.

A collection of resources for Advent

These may be freely used and adapted for local use. In some cases, the layout will need editing. However it is necessary, where material from Common Worship is used, to include the following copyright lines.

"Common Worship: Times and Seasons, material from which is included in this service, is copyright (c) The Archbishops' Council 2006."

For the one based on Evensong it also needs this line:

"Text from The Book of Common Prayer, the rights in which are vested in the Crown, is reproduced by permission of the Crown's Patentee, Cambridge University Press."

Do you have an Advent resource for us to consider uploading?

1 Christingle links and Love life This is a sheet with links to the Children's Society Christingle material for this year - submitted by Gill Ambrose

2 Advent Carol 4 Prisoners - submitted by Anne Horton

3 Times and Seasons Advent Sunday Eucharist of Light - submitted by Anne Horton

4 Advent Service of Light - submitted by Michael Gisbourne

5 Devotion for Advent - submitted by Michael Gisbourne

Resources available elsewhere

Authorised liturgy of the Church of England

The Book of Common Prayer

The permanently authorised liturgy of the Church of England.

Common Worship

Modern language liturgy of the Church of England

Other Anglican liturgical resources


An online library of Anglican liturgical material.


Liturgical resources from the Royal Army Chaplains' Department.

Exciting Holiness

Liturgical resources for saints' days.

Other sites of interest

The Royal School of Church Music

An educational Christian charity dedicated to the best use of music in worship, church life and community.

Church House Publishing

The publishing arm of the Church of England.

Proclaiming the Scriptures

A session on reading the Bible in Church.

Visual Liturgy Live

Visual Liturgy Live is a unique and powerful service planning software package that provides everything you need to create inspiring, refreshing and well-planned worship, including:

  • The complete Common Worship library and other essential resources to enable you to plan worship that is flexible and creative.
  • Intuitive tools to empower you to produce services quickly and easily.
  • Intelligent and streamlined software that gives you the freedom to focus on what really matters.

Thinking Liturgy

A blog from Simon Kershaw situated on the well known "Thinking Anglicans" website.

Simon produces each year the popular Common Worship Almanacs for desktop calendars, smartphones and PDAs, is heavily involved with Oremus (see above), while his books include "The Common Worship Daily Eucharistic Lectionary" and "Exciting Holiness".

Religious Resources Centre

A large and varied source of resources.


Training resources

Leading intercessions

A guide from St Andrew's Anglican Church, Pau (France)

Good Praxis

This is a downloadable guide to planning and organising Praxis and other events.